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A number of advances have been made over the years to improve the safety and functionality of ski bindings. Notable among these is the self-release, or automatic release, ski binding. Such bindings may also be referred to as safety release bindings. In general, such bindings include separate ski boot heel and toe retention mechanisms that can each be set to automatically release the ski boot when loads of a particular magnitude are applied, such can occur as in a crash or a fall. The release points can be set so as to account for considerations such as the size, weight, and relative skill level of the skier. While there is little question that automatic-release ski bindings have made a significant contribution to improving the safety of skiing, those bindings still have a number of shortcomings both in terms of their safety and convenience of use.

Heated Ski Boot

Heated Boot

Remote Release Ski Binding (#WO2017045073A1)

In one example, a snowboard binding includes a retention and release assembly configured to be mounted to a snowboard and further includes a retention mechanism operable by wireless remote control. A boot interface portion of the snowboard binding is configured to releasably engage the retention and release assembly, and the boot interface portion is also configured to releasably retain a boot. In operation, the user can enable the release of the boot interface portion from the retention mechanism by activating the wireless remote control so as to cause the boot interface portion to be unlocked from the retention mechanism.

Releasable Snowboard Binding (#WO2019224653)